The Complete Fly Fisherman (TCFF) is a bi-monthly magazine published in South Africa. Dedicated to fly fishing, it sells more issues annually than any other fly fishing magazine in Africa. Published independently, it is a glossy, full colour, perfect-bound magazine sold by subscription, direct through fly fishing outlets, and across South Africa through the newsagent system. TCFF's editorial staff (both local and abroad) are passionate, dedicated and professional fly fishers. We strive to continuously upgrade the publication - not only from an editorial standpoint, but also in terms of design, layout and use of quality photographic images that capture the essence of fly fishing. We use cover images that are visually exciting and portray the diversity offered in fly fishing today.

The Complete Fly Fisherman is the recipient of five SAPPI/PICA Awards since 1997 for its adherence to the highest of standards. It was highly commended for publishing and journalistic excellence in both the sports and hobbies categories. In 2002, the magazine received the Advantage Admag Award in recognition of consumer publishing excellence.

Mission Statement and Goal

We strive to produce a magazine of unquestionable editorial integrity, complemented by excellence in design and reproduction. We aim to be authoritative and instructive in the magazine’s chosen field of expertise, while offering a visually stimulating read for people from all walks of life. This publication caters to experienced fly fishers, novices and lovers of the outdoors in general.

Passionate about the Environment

We stand for the ethical and responsible use of our resources, and have a strong drive towards conservation. Since inception, we have promoted environmentally friendly fly fishing and continue to do so. We also believe that we have played a substantive role in promoting the catch-and-release ethic that is now commonplace in most facets of sport angling in South Africa.