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Crippled Hopper


Hook: Kamasan B220, or TMC 200R.
Tail: Deer hair, tan, tied short.
Rib: Fine 5X tippet material.
Underbody: Mixture of chopped deer body hair (90%), and tan dubbing (10%). The dubbing is simply to bind the chopped deer hair.  The result is a rough, shaggy body.
Overbody: Thin Fly Foam, tan.
Underwing: Deer hair, tan, folded and crimped.
Overwing: Raffia, tan, shredded.
Legs: Knotted light brown hackle, trimmed.
Head: Spun and trimmed deer hair.


For the full text featuring this fly, refer to the December/January 2004/2005 issue.


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