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Mac’s Dragon


Hook: 4X long, #4 – 10.
Thread: 6/0, olive.
Underbody: Wool, olive.
Abdomen: Mixture of olive, brown and black angora fur and a pinch of olive Flashabou dubbing heavily teased out.
Abdomen shell back: Olive Thin Skin (preferred) or clear plastic marked with a green/olive marker.
Ribbing: 4X tippet material.
Legs: Barred Sili Legs, olive (preferred), or olive rubber.
Thorax: Same as abdomen.
Head: Dubbing (as abdomen).
Wing case: Ringneck pheasant, green rump feather.
Eyes: 80lb burnt mono for the larger sizes and lighter mono (40lb for the #10).
Weed guard: Stiff monofilament of same diameter as hook wire (optional).


For the full text featuring this fly, refer to the March 2005 issue.


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