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Slinky Baitfish


Hook: Depending on baitfish being imitated, but for general imitations short shank, #4 – #1.
Thread: Clear Spook Thread or fine monofilament.
Tail: White Slinky Fibre with mother of pearl Gliss and Glow.
Body: White Slinky Fibre mixed with Live Glow or mother of pearl Gliss and Glow, tied around the hook shank. Do not overtie – only tie in sufficient amounts to create the form and shape of the baitfish.
Gills: Hot orange, hot pink or red Fluoro Fibre tied the length of the hook shank.
Lateral line: Gliss and Glow, colour depending on baitfish being imitated, or for general imitations use mother of pearl, or silver.
Beard: White Slinky Fibre tied on bottom and sides. Add the odd strand of mother of pearl Gliss and Glow tied to represent gill covers.
Wing: Slinky Fibre, colours depending on imitation, or the basic salt water colours like chartreuse, pink, yellow and blue.
Eyes: Stick-on type to match hook size and imitation.
Head: Clear 5-minute epoxy to form smooth rounded head of baitfish


For the full text featuring this fly, refer to the April 2003 issue.


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