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The Side-On Profile Fly


Variation:  Tying Method 1

Hook: Gamakatsu Trey Combs Big Game, #2/0 – #8/0.
Thread: 3/0, or Big Fly UNI-Thread.
Underwing: Grizzly or plain hackle feathers, straight (one or two a side). Six to eight lengths of Lateral Scale, tied onto hook (both sides of the shank) a third of the way down from hook eye.
Overwing: Tie in a tapered clump of light coloured Supreme Hair (slightly longer than underwing) white/light grey with eight to ten strands of fluorescent chartreuse, chartreuse, or pearl Flashabou. Then tie in a second layer of tapered chartreuse or fluorescent chartreuse Supreme Hair above the Flashabou. Try not to spread the Supreme Hair around the hook shank; it should be tied in a stacked fashion above the previous layer. Tie in a third layer of tapered Supreme Hair, a slightly darker shade of green or yellow, depending on your choice of colour. Form a back, if necessary, with five to eight strands of peacock herl (optional.)
Belly: Tie in a clump of light coloured (white or yellow) bucktail below the shank, extending just past the bend of the hook. Tie in a second, shorter clump of the same shade or lighter beneath the first clump.


For the full text featuring this fly, refer to the December/January 2003/2004 issue.


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