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TW Hopper


Hook: Dry fly, long shank, slightly bent, #12 – #14.
Thread: 6/0, pre-waxed, brown or olive.
Tail: 2mm piece of tuff chenille, red or lime green.
Abdomen: Fox squirrel dubbing.
Under wing: Six strands of pearl Krystal Flash.
Wing: Klipspringer or elk body hair.
Rear legs: Doubled over Spanflex, or trimmed hackle stems (colour to suit), knotted to imitate the knee.
Front legs: Spanflex, colour to suit.
Head, thorax: Fox squirrel dubbing (darker than abdomen) with wing pulled over the top, bullethead-style, extending over the back and tied off in the waist.


For the full text featuring this fly, refer to the March 2003 issue.


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