Bass and Carp
Salt Water
Adams Irrisistable
Adult Midge
Adult Pattern
All-Rounder Caddis
Amphipod Charlie
Arno Matthee’s Frog
Arno Matthee’s Milky Dream
Arno’s RAB
Articulated Emerger
Ascending Midge
Atomic Worm
Backwater Damsel
Bead Head Aggravator
Bead Head Hares Ear
Bead Head Nymph
Bead Head Stillwater Nymph
Beady Marabou Blood Worm
Birkhall Beetle
Black Clouser
Black Flying Ant
Black Pheasant Nymph
Black Suspender Midge
Black Whistler
Blue Dun Quill
Blue Parachute Damsel
Brown Dragon Bugger
Brown Flashback Nymph
Brush Fly
Bunny Leech
Byoyant Blood Worm
Caddis Lava
Caddis Pupa
Carp Fritz
CDC Caddis Pupa
CDC Mayfly Emerger
CDC Mayfly Emerger
CDC Mayfly Emerger 3
CDC Parachute
CDC Shrimp
Clouser Minnow
Cellophane-wing Mayfly
Crab Pattern
Crippled Hopper
Damsel Nymph
Dance Fly
Dave Whitlock's Hopper
Dave Wood
Dave’s Beady Bloodworm
Dead Shrimp Charlie
Deer Hair Frog Diver/ Popper
Dog Bitch Killer
Double Daddy
Dragon Bugger
Drowned Terrestrial
Eine Kleine Klein
Elk Hair Caddis
Estuarine Charlie
Extension Clouser
Fender Fly
Fire Tiger Clouser
Flashback Mayfly
Filoplume Dragon
Flashback Shrimp
Flashback Nymph
Foam Beetle
Foam Beetle 3
Foam Beetle
Foam Hopper
Foam Cricket
Fuzzy Fuego
GB Indicator Caddis
Glass Bead Shrimp
Glo Bug
Glo-Bug Egg
Goddard's Caddis
Golden Brown Stonefly Imitation
Golden Night
Golden Stone
Golden Stone
Goose-Wing Quill
Green Beetle
Green Crazy Charlie
Green Machine
Grey Mole Charlie
Griffith’s Gnat
Grunter Charlie
Grunter Prawn
GT Popper
GT Special
GT Special 2
Hair Leg Nymph
Hare and Copper
Heptagenid Nymph
Hi-Octane Octopus
Hot Butt Dragon 1
Hot Butt Dragon 2
Hydropsychi Caddis Larva
Indicator Caddis
Jam Fly
Janssen Dragon
Joseph's Caddis
Karate Crab
Kasai Tiger
Kaufmann Stimulator
Klinkhamer Emerger
Klipspringer Caddis
Krystal Bugger
LaFontaine’s Deep Sparkle Pupa
Lake Dragon
Larva Lace Shrimp
Larva Pattern
Little Green Grub
Loop Wing Emerger
Mac's Dragon
Mac’s Flying Daddy
Mac’s Mature Taddy
Malcolm's Rabbit
Mambo No 5
Mayfly Nymph Variation
Mega Clouser
Midge Pupa
Millionaire’s Taddy
Modernised Soft Hackle
Mom’s Favourite
Mosquito Larva
MSP A Variation
NNF (No Name Fly)
Novia Woolly Bugger
Olive and Grizzly Woolly Bugger
Olive Strip Leech
Olive Woolly Bugger
Once and Away
Orange and Grizzly Woolly Bugger
Orange Deceiver
Orange Velcro Crab
Otter’s Soft Egg
Pale Olive Compara Dun
Papa Roach
Para Damsel
Parachute Adams
Parachute Caddis
Parachute Caddis
Parachute May
Paraloop Klinkhamer
Pattern #1 (Control Fly)
Pattern #2 (Point Fly)
Pattern #3 (Point Fly)
Pattern #4 (Control Fly)
Pattern #5 (Point Fly)
Pattern #6 (Dry Fly)
Periwinkle Charlie
Pheasant Tail
Pheasant Tail Nymph
Pheasant Tail Nymph
Placebo Clouser
Plaza Pupa
Plewman's Robber
Polish Peril
Poly No-Hackle Dun
Poxy Buzzer
Pupa Pattern
Pyper's Black Devil
Realistic Beetle
Realistic Heptagenid Nymph
Realistic Mayfly Adult
Realistic Odonata
Red and Black Clouser
Red Humpy
Red Tag
Reversed Zonker/ MSP
Ribbed Deer Hair Caddis
Rock Worm
Ruane’s Dragon
Rubber Leg Charlie
Rusty Crawdad
Salty Bugger
San Juan Worm
Sawfly Wasp
Searching Pattern 2
Semper Fly
Shuttlecock Variant
Silicone Mullet
Slinky Baitfish
Standard Clouser
Steve van Staden’s Caddis Pupa
Stick Caddis
Strip Nymph
Stimulator 2
Strip Damsel
Strip Dragon
Strip Leech
Strip Leech
Strip Minnow
Surface Flipper and Gurgler
Suspender Midge
Suspender Midge
Swimming Damsel
Swimming Midge
Swimming Midge
Tailgunner Nymph
Tan Caddis
Tan Hopper
Tan Marabou Muddler
Tan Velcro Crab
TDF Woolly Bugger
The Extra-Terrestrial
The Side-On Profile Fly
Thorax Sulpher Dun
Trey Combs’ Sea Habit
Trico Spinner
TW Damsel
TW Hopper
TW Mayfly Nymph
TW Nymph
Twisted Damsel
V-Rib Beaded Mayfly
V-Rib Caddis 1
V-Rib Caddis 2
Velcro Crab
Vinyl Aeshnid
Water Boatman
Water Dog
Water Dog (Brown)
Water Dog (Yellow)
Weed Caddis
Woolly Bugger (Russel Blessing)
White Death
Wolf Dragon
Zambezi Deceiver
Wounded Minnow
Woolhead Mullet
Yellow Rabbit
Wonder Wing Midge
Zonker (Dan Byford)