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How to read the flow charts

Each chart is set out as a line graph with a date line at the bottom of the chart and the flow rate in cubic meters per second on the left. The start date of the graph period is indicated at the bottom left of the chart. Flow rate is in near real time and indicates actual flow mapped from recorded data.

When planning to wade in a river, a flow rate of less than 30 cubic meters/second is favourable. Caution should be taken at flow rates between30 and 45 cubic meters/second, as even experienced waders may have difficulty keeping their balance. It is advisable to avoid wading all together in flow rates of higher than 45 cubic meters/second.

Vaal River at Bloukop

Vaal River at Vaal Dam

Nuwejaarspruit at Sterkfontein Dam

Renoster River at Koppies Dam

Modder River at Tweeriviere

Modder River at Bultfontein

Orange River at Oranjedraai

Senque River at Marakabei (Lesotho)

Malibamatso River at Paray (Lesotho)

Caledon River at Ficksburg

Caledon River at Welbedacht Dam

Orange River at Vanderkloof Dam

Orange River outflow from Vanderkloof Dam

Orange River at Gariep Dam

Vet River at The Camp

For a complete list of flow charts follow the link to the Department of Water Affairs website. Select a water management area from the drop-down menu in the top left corner of the screen and click on the relevant station number in the left column to view the flow chart.

For updated reports on the Vaal River, follow the link onThe Reservoir'swebsite. They offer water resource information for the Vaal Barrage and Vaal Dam catchments.

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