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Treading Safely
With the current high water levels of the Vaal River, fly anglers need to take extra care when wading. Ian Couryer reports.

• Boots and All
Fred Steynberg shares a few thoughts on the importance of choosing the correct wading boots.

• The Umgeni River: Rivers of KZN – Part III
The Umgeni, once a Blue-Ribbon trout stream, has been rediscovered, so says Andrew Fowler.

• Fishing the Skinny Stuff: A Day at the Races
Targeting bonefish in very shallow water is a whole different ball game. Gerhard Laubscher tells of his newfound respect for the species.

• Artist on the Move: AD Maddox
TCFF talks to world-renowned American fly fishing artist AD Maddox about her love affair with trout.

• The Essence of Fly Fishing
Fly fishing is not all about catching fish – so says Rob Scott as he stops to smell the roses.

• Fly-Tyer Extraordinaire
TCFF chats to well-known local fly angler Dean Riphagen about his passion for fly-tying.

• Ostrich Herl: The Forgotten Material
Although ostrich feathers are readily available in this country, incorporating them into flies has not become popular as of yet. Fly-Tying Field Editor Murray Pedder investigates the potential.

• Invertebrates and Their Abdomens
Construction of the abdomen plays a vital role in the behaviour and appearance of a fly. Arno Laubscher discusses the various materials and their applications.

• Are You a Religious Fly Fisher?
Andrew Levy speculates whether fly fishing can be considered a religion.

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